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The Power of Education

Dr. Timothy M. Jones Sr. is a fervent believer in the profound impact of theological studies and effective training and development. Recognizing the importance of theological education in nurturing spiritual growth and understanding, he advocates for its integration into training programs. Dr. Jones emphasizes that through rigorous theological studies and comprehensive training, individuals can be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective ministry and personal development. His commitment to this holistic approach highlights his belief in empowering individuals to thrive intellectually, spiritually, and professionally.


Remnant Theological Institute & Seminary

Remnant Theological Institute & Seminary (RTIS) is a leading institution for theological education, offering undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. The institute also confers an Honorary Doctorate for outstanding contributions to theology or religious studies. RTIS emphasizes academic excellence, spiritual growth, and practical ministry skills, preparing students for impactful leadership roles in religious communities and beyond.

Open Arms International Bible College & Seminary

Open Arms International Bible College & Seminary (OAIBCS) offers Associate degrees along with a variety of certificate and diploma programs. Our curriculum covers biblical studies, theology, and practical ministry skills. With experienced faculty and a supportive community, we prepare students for impactful service in diverse ministry settings.

American Global Christian Chaplain Association

The American Global Christian Chaplain Association (AGCCA) is dedicated to training and supporting Christian Community Chaplains worldwide. We offer comprehensive programs to equip chaplains with the skills and knowledge needed to minister effectively in diverse communities. Through networking and resources, we foster a strong community of chaplains committed to bringing hope and healing globally.

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