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All About Remnant Global Network

          Remnant Global Network stands as a beacon of strength and solidarity, offering a covenant space specifically crafted for Senior Leaders and Second Tier Leaders alike. Rooted in the belief that iron sharpens iron, our network is not merely a fellowship of churches, but a sacred alliance dedicated to the cultivation, development, and empowerment of leaders who are poised to make a profound impact in their spheres of influence.

Sharpening Leaders: Through dynamic interactions, collaborative initiatives, and intentional mentorship, we foster an environment where leaders can sharpen one another, exchanging insights, wisdom, and best practices to elevate their leadership effectiveness and impact.


Cultivating Leaders: We believe that leadership is a journey of continuous growth and refinement. Through targeted training programs, workshops, and retreats, we provide leaders with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to cultivate their leadership potential and navigate the complexities of leadership with confidence and clarity.


Building Up Leaders: Our network is committed to building up leaders from the inside out, nurturing their character, faith, and spiritual resilience. Through prayer, accountability, and spiritual enrichment, we seek to strengthen the foundational pillars upon which true leadership is built, ensuring that leaders are equipped to withstand the challenges and pressures of leadership with grace and resilience.


Imparting into Leaders: We recognize the power of impartation – the transfer of wisdom, anointing, and grace from one generation of leaders to the next. Through intimate gatherings, prophetic impartations, and strategic alliances, we facilitate the impartation of spiritual gifts, vision, and strategic insights, empowering leaders to walk in greater levels of authority, influence, and effectiveness.


Covering Leaders: In a world marked by uncertainty and spiritual warfare, leaders need covering – a place of refuge, protection, and spiritual alignment. At Remnant Global Network, we provide a covering for leaders, standing in the gap through intercession, spiritual counsel, and strategic alliances, ensuring that leaders are supported, strengthened, and empowered to fulfill their divine calling with courage and conviction.

Join Us

If you are a Senior Leader or Second Tier Leader hungry for deeper connections, greater impact, and spiritual covering, we invite you to join the Remnant Global Network. Together, let us forge a new era of leadership excellence, as we unite our hearts, minds, and spirits in pursuit of God's Kingdom purposes.


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